Division of Electron Microscopy and Crystal Chemistry
Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University
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Our research

Institute for Chemical Research at Kyoto University has a history of development and applied research of an electron microscopy during a half a century, and it was a big result to succeed in photographing of the atomic image which shows molecular structure for the first time by development of a high resolution electron microscope with high acceleration voltage. Based on these results, we are now going along a direct analysis of molecular and crystal structure by an analysis of electro-static potential in specimen using a new electron microscope with higher performance, High Resolution Electron Spectromicroscope. In recent days, we are trying to develope the elemental analysis and electronic states analysis by Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy and also by two dimensional mapping, and further more to establish electron crystallography, crystal structure analysis by electron diffraction. In addition to these, we examine the surface structure by Scanning Tunneling Microscope which becomes basic chemical research technique to analyze the adsorption states of organic molecules from the viewpoint of molecular interaction.

Research Topics


  1. High Resolution Imaging by TEM/STEM
  2. Analytical Technologies with EELS/STEM, EFTEM
  3. Electron Crystallography
  4. Development of Nano-tip Cold Field Emission Gun
  5. Quantitative Analyses of Radiation Damage with TEM/STEM

Material Science

  1. Analysis of Organic Hetero Epitaxy
  2. Nanoscale Analyses of Liquid Sample with Cryo-TEM
  3. Structural Analyses of Monomolecular Thin Films by STM